Avocado Bun Veggie Burger

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Avocado Bun Veggie Burger

What’s better than avocado on your veggie burger? Avocado surrounding your veggie burger, of course! Wow your friends, tempt your tastebuds - this bunless wonder never disappoints.


Serves 2 Easy


  • Carefully run a sharp knife around your avocados to halve them, lengthwise. Remove the pits and place the avocados cut side down on a cutting board. Very gently, peel away the skin from the avocado halves. Carefully rub a bit of lemon juice onto each avocado half, as you go, to prevent the flesh from turning brown.

  • Prepare the veggie burgers according to the instructions on the box.

  • Flip the avocado halves over and gently pile on lettuce, tomato, carrot, vegan mayo and veggie burger patties. Top with the other avocado halves and sprinkle with sesame seeds.