Our Farms

Our Farms

Delicious above everything

We prefer to stay local, but we’ll go to the ends of the Earth if that’s where the most flavorful tomato happens to grow.

Amy's farming tractor

In 1987, when Amy’s began, there was no national certification for organic, and organic foods were hard to find. So we invested in small, local family farms to grow the organic ingredients we needed. As Amy’s grew so did the farms. Together, we helped pioneer the organic food industry.

Amy's kale farmers

Organic farming has a big impact. It nourishes the soil rather than stripping it of its nutrients so that the soil stays healthy for future generations. And it’s better for the people working in the fields.

Amy's Andy farm

Great flavor is the goal, and it all starts with finding the best-tasting ingredients out there. It took us seven years to hunt down the perfect tomatillo with the right flavor for salsa verde. That’s why we work closely with our farmers every step of the way, from choosing the seed to ensuring that we’re growing and harvesting at the right time of year for each ingredient.

Amy's rice farm

We try to stay as local as possible, and we can grow wonderful short and long grain rice in California, but basmati rice, for unknown and mysterious reasons, just tastes better when it’s grown in India.

Amy's tomato farm

We believe that you can never be too thorough. That’s why we taste every zucchini, carrot, mushroom and everything else we use. This might have something to do with our reputation with farmers for being picky and demanding; but if you’re making tomato soup, you have to start with the best tomato you can find.