Farro & Black Bean Veggie Burger Salad

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Farro & Black Bean Veggie Burger Salad

Amy’s delicious veggie burger patties aren’t just for buns! They're the perfect addition to your salads and veggie bowls that can be enjoyed as an on-the-go lunch or for dinner at home.


Developed by

Kim-Julie Hansen

Serves 1 Easy


  1. Whip up a quick and easy tahini beet salad dressing by combining 1 tsp tahini, 2 tsp beet juice and a pinch of sea salt in a shallow bowl. Set aside.
  2. Cook the Amy's Organic Black Bean Veggie Burger patty according to package instructions.
  3. Mix remaining ingredients in a bowl and drizzle the dressing over the top.

Pro tip

Feel free to use quinoa instead of farro and the Sonoma Veggie Burger instead of the black bean burger to make it gluten-free and/or use lentils or beans to add a little extra plant protein. Lightly salted, roasted almonds also make a tasty addition.