Maple Mustard Black Bean Veggie Burger

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Maple Mustard Black Bean Veggie Burger

This recipe combines the sweetness of maple syrup with the spiciness of mustard while highlighting Amy’s Organic Black Bean Veggie Burger’s fresh-tasting organic ingredients. A favorite for any grilling party!


Written by

Kim-Julie Hansen

Serves 1 Easy


  • Mix mustard and maple syrup until smooth.

  • Spread the maple mustard on the burger bun (top and bottom) and start layering your burger with greens, tomato, patty, bell pepper and (optionally) either more tomatoes or sun-dried tomatoes and more greens.  

  • Enjoy!  

Pro tip

If you opted for sun-dried tomatoes in oil, make sure to remove any excess oil with a kitchen towel. Or, if using dry, oil-free and unseasoned tomatoes, add your seasoning of choice and/or mix them with a little tomato paste.