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We now have more choice and opportunity than ever before in our careers. Yet if your job feels like a chore, you aren’t alone — 68% of Americans are disengaged at work. They feel uninvolved, uncommitted and have no enthusiasm for what they do every day. In working for a paycheck, America has checked out.

Since each of us will spend one-third of our lives working, it's no surprise that hating what we do can have an impact on our well-being. We are a nation suffering from stress, obesity and mental health issues, all symptoms of an illness of not enjoying our work.

I believe that loving what we do is key to loving who we are — and to living a fulfilling life. My business is devoted to helping people find their purpose. We invite people to explore the impact they want to make in the world and the role they play in serving others. We see that a business with a clear purpose offers its people more opportunities to be creative, grow and cultivate success in their career. The business flourishes because its people are thriving.

Through purpose, work can be a source of happiness. Our well-being increases with activities that get us into a state of “flow”: the feeling of bliss that comes from creativity and getting “into the zone." We've all had this feeling; from solving challenges, playing sports or music, cooking, even from spending time with family and friends. The work we love most will contain moments where we can tap into flow.

I realized that my moments of flow could be used to help people unleash their own creativity. My purpose is to help people dream — and to help make their dreams a reality. With this as my North Star I am able to navigate my career and enjoy working, allowing what I do every day to fuel my well-being, rather than have work become a source of stress.

Other factors can influence happiness at work, from how we are treated to the environment we are in. Together we can make our workplaces more dynamic and enjoyable, but it is up to each of us to connect to the work we love. This is where purpose plays a role.

There are three questions you can use to begin your own discovery of purpose. Reflect back on the work that you love the most. You might want to have someone else ask you the questions and talk it through!

  1. What activities get you into the state of “flow”?
  2. What impact do you want to make on people’s lives?
  3. How can you connect the work you love to do with the impact you want to make?
Jeff Melnyk
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Jeff Melnyk

Jeff Melnyk is a founding partner of Within People — an international partnership that helps people find purpose and grow. He uses coaching to support start-ups to launch their big ideas and leaders to find the courage to dream big. He lives between London and San Francisco. Follow him @jeffwithin
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