Amy’s and Call4ClimateNow Campaign are Taking Bold Action on Climate Change

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Amy’s and Call4ClimateNow Campaign are Taking Bold Action on Climate Change

Amy’s is proud to join the Call4Climate campaign to be part of the solution to climate change, and you can get involved too!

Here at Amy’s, we’re on a journey to support people and communities, and heal the planet through our business. But we realize that simply addressing our own climate impact is not enough. 

Like many of you, we’re concerned about the growing threat posed by climate change, and we’re compelled to do more. But we know we can’t do it alone!

That’s why we are joining other businesses from across the U.S. to support the Call4ClimateNOW campaign. Call4ClimateNOW is encouraging us all to call our lawmakers in Washington, D.C. to urge them to take bold action on climate NOW.

“Our climate is under assault, and there is no longer any time to waste,” says Paul Schiefer, our Senior Director of Sustainability. “We must act now, as companies, communities and citizens, to make our voices heard and influence real political change. We’re taking part in the #Call4ClimateNOW initiative because we believe that by banding together behind a clear message, we can push our lawmakers to solve the climate crisis now. We cannot live with the alternative.”

And it’s not just us who are focused on climate change. Studies also show that climate change is something our consumers also care deeply about. 

 How To Get Involved

We’re already living with the early stages of climate change, and now is the time to come together to prevent things from getting much worse. 

Call4ClimateNOW encourages us to make a big impact through calling our lawmakers to let them know that we support bold efforts to address the threat of a changing climate. If you’re interested in getting involved too, head to to learn more! 

Here’s what Call4ClimateNow is asking our lawmakers to push for:

  1. Enact a Clean Electricity Payment Program that gets us on the path to 100% clean power by 2035.
  2. Direct 40% of funding to invest in frontline communities. 
  3. End fossil fuel subsidies.
  4. Create a Civilian Climate Corps that employs millions of Americans and clears a path toward a clean energy workforce.

How Will Our Calls Make a Difference?

Lawmakers use the number of calls they receive for or against a particular topic to decide what to focus on and what to fight for. They count every call, so your call can be a very effective way of making your voice heard and helping to enact large-scale changes. Leaving a message is just as important as talking to someone! Even if you know your senators and representatives already care about climate, your call can also help provide extra support. 

Learn More About Why Advocacy Matters

The urgency to take action on advocacy is especially important following the release of the most recent assessment from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change


Stacia Betley
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Stacia Betley

Stacia is the Sustainability Integration Manager at Amy's Kitchen. She has been at Amy's since 2018, and her focus is to embed sustainability into the organization’s ethos and ways of work, getting all ~3,000 employees aligned around this concept. Her specific focus is on sustainable sourcing, zero waste strategies, and accountability frameworks and reporting standards.