Healing Our Planet Starts Here

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Healing Our Planet Starts Here

We built Amy’s on a deep love for our planet and its people. For us it’s not a goal, a strategy or a talking point. It’s a way of life, and it always has been. Going organic was the right thing for us from the start, even before it was the popular thing to do. We did it because it felt right then—and it’s never felt more right, right now.

As a leader in our industry, we understand the gravity of every decision we make. We are all too aware of the footprint businesses leave on the Earth. We can’t just not be part of the problem; we need to be part of the solution.

That’s why we take a holistic approach—from the vegetables we pick to the type of energy that powers our business to how we dispose of waste—to love our planet and heal it in every way possible.

We Farm Responsibly.

  • We are organic. We believe organic is the responsible way to farm. In doing so, we protect our farmers and communities from harmful pesticides—including more than 700 chemicals and synthetic substances.
  • We are always Non-GMO. We keep our plants the way nature intended: free from genetic modification.
  • We screen supply chains. As a Certified B Corporation, we’re leading the way for environmental and social practices.

Did you know? Organic farms support up to 50% more pollinators (bees, butterflies, birds, etc.) than conventional farms.

We Love Plants.

  • We make 100% vegetarian products because we believe plants do more good for the body and for the planet.
  • We cook with plant-based protein, which emits 77% less carbon dioxide than if we were to cook with animal-based proteins—and uses 96% less land. For context: one Amy’s veggie burger creates 91% less greenhouse gas than a hamburger.

Did you know? If the planet’s crops went to human consumption instead of livestock feed, they could feed 4 billion extra people each year.

We Conserve Resources.

  • We’ve teamed up to help build a solar farm, which can power 50% of our Santa Rosa facility.
  • We save 12 million gallons of water each year by reusing water in our kitchens through a Closed Loop Project.

We Have a Distaste for Waste.

  • We all know simply discarding things we no longer have a use for is incredibly harmful to the environment. In the U.S., more food is sent to landfills than anything else, amounting to a quarter of all waste. As food breaks down, it turns into methane, a greenhouse gas 25 times stronger than carbon dioxide.
  • We aim high. We’ve set a goal of keeping 95% of waste out of landfills.
  • We mean what we say. Our Santa Rosa manufacturing plant saves 90% of trash from the landfill through composting and recycling.
  • We know it’s not enough to recycle; we also need to create products that can be recycled. Right now, 75% of Amy’s packaging is readily recyclable. But for us, that’s not good enough. By 2030, we want that number to be 100%. To get there, we’re developing compostable films and bowls to replace the ones that are currently not easy to recycle.

Our favorite way to eliminate waste: get excess food into the mouths of people who need it. In 2020, Amy’s diverted 427,000 pounds of food from the landfill to those in need. In the U.S., an astounding 35% of all food goes unsold or uneaten. As a food production company, we see a major opportunity to match this excess food with Americans who are food insecure.

Let’s Commit to Our Planet.

We are proud of the steps we’ve taken, but we want to do more. We will never stop seeking new ways to contribute to the solution and being optimistic for the future, but everyone must be part of the solution. We hope you’ll join us in taking steps—big and small—to give the Earth the love and support it deserves.