What is your GMO policy?

We believe that people have a right to know what they put into their bodies, so we have a strict GMO policy. It prohibits our products from containing GMOs/Bioengineered ingredients. Amy’s verifies compliance by obtaining certification from organic suppliers and affidavits from conventionally-grown ingredient suppliers. Amy’s has taken a stand against GMOs for over 20 years, long before their prohibition by the USDA National Organic Program in 2001. During that time, we have been working closely with ingredient suppliers to source non-GMO raw materials, and targeted testing is performed to confirm that the ingredients contain no GMOs. Ever since the National Organic Program prohibited GMOs, organic certifiers have audited Amy’s products to assure they contain no GMOs. Amy’s organic certifier, Quality Assurance International, conducts Amy’s plant audits three times per year. For many years, Amy’s has shipped products to the European Union, which has very strict requirements regarding unlabeled GMOs.