Microwave Chili Nachos

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Microwave Chili Nachos

This recipe is perfect to satisfy those late night cravings or fuel a study sesh. Easy to prepare and share!


Serves 2 Easy


  • On a microwave-safe plate, spread the tortilla chips in an even layer with just a little overlap.
  • Sprinkle 1 cup of cheese evenly over the chips.
  • Heat on high in the microwave for 1 minute or until cheese is melted.
  • Add another layer of tortilla chips, sprinkle with remaining cheese and heat for another 1-1½ minutes until cheese is melted.
  • Top nachos with Amy’s Medium Chili, salsa, sliced black olives and diced avocado.
  • Serve immediately and enjoy!

Pro tip

You can easily add more toppings if you wish! We like sour cream, chopped fresh tomatoes, jalapeño slices, chopped green onions and/or guacamole. To make the recipe vegan, skip the cheese or sub for a vegan alternative. Microwave cooking times and temperatures can vary from one microwave oven to another so be sure to keep an eye on the nachos while cooking. As soon as the cheese has melted, remove the plate from the microwave.