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Emails with Love

Everyone loves to hear from our fans here at Amy’s, but we have one member of the team, in particular, who lives for your emails and letters.

Meet Lisa Coleman, Amy’s Senior Consumer Relations Manager. Lisa has been with Amy’s since March of 2015. She spends her days responding to Amy’s fans, answering questions and making sure that all our consumers are happy and satisfied with their Amy’s experience.

She finds great joy in communicating with the Amy’s community, and we thought the same thing of chatting with Lisa when we turned the questions on her.

Have you always worked in consumer relations?

My entire career has been in customer service. I’ve been involved with direct marketing and sales, but I have always loved customer service. It’s a great feeling when you’ve turned an unpleasant situation into a positive experience. I truly enjoy helping people and building relationships.

Does Amy’s approach to consumer relations differ from your other experiences?

Amy’s approach to consumer relations differs from other companies that I’ve worked for in a big way. The biggest difference is that Rachel, our co-founder, still reads our letters and email. In all my years in customer service I have never worked for a company that cares as much about what their customers have to say.

Amy’s started making gluten free meals about 15 years ago because Rachel wanted people with special diets to be able to eat Mac and Cheese like everyone else. Doing whatever it takes to make sure that people are heard and taken care of is the highest priority as far as even producing meals for consumers with various health issues.

The difference at Amy’s is that developing new recipes or meals really comes from a passion to make delicious foods everyone can enjoy.

Those values resonate in our work with consumers. At Amy’s, this is the first time in my career where I don’t have a sales goal; I’m simply here to delight our consumers, and I absolutely love it.

Over the years you’ve heard many stories from many people. Are there any that stand out to you?

We get so many positive responses from our consumers that it truly is a joy to read the letters and emails every day.

I was just talking to a senior consumer who eats our soup daily. She’s not able to cook anymore because she doesn’t have the energy, but she loves our Split Pea and Lentil and chooses our soup because it reminds her of how she used to cook with her kids.

A couple of others that come to mind are:

A family of four who wrote in to tell us they had just gotten back from a vacation in Hawaii. The family is lactose-intolerant, celiac, vegan and kosher, and thought it would be difficult or impossible to find any prepared foods while traveling. They were so happy to find Amy’s meals at a local store and wanted us to know that meal preparation was quick, easy and delicious! They were so appreciative.

Another woman once wrote in to tell us she is celiac and hasn’t had a pot pie in over 13 years. She recently found our Broccoli Pot Pie and was so excited to finally eat pie crust again.

What do you hope people take away from their experience with you and with the entire team?

I hope that people come away feeling like we listened to their question(s). We try to make a personal connection in every communication with our consumers, and we want you to feel welcome to contact us anytime.

That’s a pretty human approach to consumer relations.

What other company does this? I am never leaving this job!

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Amy Van Haren is the former Sr. Manager of Digital and Social Marketing at Amy’s. She loves telling stories through digital media and seeing what fans will share next. She has an affinity for colored pens, loves a good brainstorm with doodles and is always on the lookout for an amazing guacamole recipe.