4 Amazing Plant Based Cookbooks by Black Creators

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4 Amazing Plant Based Cookbooks by Black Creators

Black food creators and innovators are essential to the history of food culture. Today and every day, we celebrate black creators for sharing and shaping food culture as we know it.

1. Vegan Hippie Sol by Dominique Williamson

@veganhippiesol on Instagram

Growing up in the south, Dominique was surrounded by comfort foods, like biscuits and gravy, creamed corn and so much more. After switching to a plant based diet, Dominique didn't want to give up these southern classics, so she found a way to veganize them instead!  

#2 Caribbean Vegan by Taymer Mason 

@islandlovegourmet on Instagram

When African, French, Asian and Spanish cuisine influences meet the local flavors of Barbados, Saint Lucia, Trinidad, Tobago and Jamaica, you're bound to experience a fusion of undeniable flavor! Taymer  shares 200 vegan recipes along with great tips, like how to make your own cassava flour and more! 

#3 Porsche Cooks Vegan: Recipes from The Soul by Porsche Thomas  

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Chef Porsche strives to make veganism accessible to all by educating and sharing her favorite and most popular recipes inspired by life and her childhood! 

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Haile, a natural-born foodie, motivational speaker and activist, combines her love for plant-powered recipes with her drive to inspire the next generation of leaders in 80 flavor-packed recipes! Motivated by her family's overall health and well-being, Haile found a way to put a delicious spin on recipes, such as Golden Dream Turmeric Berry Chia Pudding, Potachos (Potato Nachos) with Green Chile Cheese Sauce, Straight Fire Mac N' Cheese, Shortcut Sweet Potato Pie Boats and much more!