A letter from the family

To our friends and family,

We understand the anger that many of you are feeling after reading the recent NBC report, and we know how disappointing it feels to hear that a company you trust is not living up to its values. This report does not reflect who we are as a company and the values we uphold.  When Rachel and I started Amy’s, we worked alongside our employees on the line and committed to them that Amy’s would always be a compassionate, people-first workplace. We want all Amy’s employees to feel like they are being taken care of, and we are deeply saddened to hear about the experiences these five employees have described.

We’ve always recognized that making food is difficult, and our first company value, taking care of each other, means making Amy’s a workplace that takes care of the whole person. Over the years, we’ve tried to live up to this value by doing what’s right for the people who work at Amy’s. When we learned many of our employees weren’t seeing a doctor regularly, we created a health center where they, and their families, could have access to primary and preventative health care at no cost, no premium, no copay. We have invested heavily in safety. Our rate of injuries is well below others in the industry. When COVID hit, we prioritized employee safety over everything else. We drastically cut our production, supplied our employees with PPE, reconfigured our plant layout and partnered with our local county to provide our employees with vaccinations onsite when we became eligible. Above all, we value our employees as individuals. We invest in their future and growth within our company. We provide scholarships for their families. We strive to be there for them and provide relief in the tough times and celebrate their successes together. Because of this, many employees come to Amy’s and grow with us. The average tenure of our employees in Santa Rosa is over 12 years.

We are deeply committed to listening to all of our employees and to turning their feedback into action. That is our personal promise to our employees and to our entire Amy’s family.

   -  Andy & Rachel Berliner