Having trouble finding Amy's products lately?

A message from the family about product availability

To Our Amy’s Family,

Thank you for calling, writing and reaching out to us to let us know how Amy’s products have helped you throughout the pandemic and to let us know when you’re struggling to find some of your favorites at the store. We know how much you rely on our meals because they cater to you and your loved ones’ dietary needs. We hear your frustration and disappointment, and we’re so sorry.

This past year has been unlike any in the 33-year history of our family-owned company.  The demand for our meals is higher than we could have ever anticipated; and while we’re making more meals now than ever before, the pandemic presented us with the challenges of a lifetime: How to continue making food for the many people who depend on us for it, meet the unprecedented demand for our products and, above all, keep our employees safe.

The way we make our food is unique—we don't manufacture, we cook.

  • We use whole ingredients, real pots and pans, and make many of our meals by hand. In many ways our kitchens function more like restaurants than typical food manufacturing sites.
  • We have real cooks in the kitchen who do the stretching, stirring and topping for our pizzas, burritos and entrées.

We believe the way we make our food gives it the flavor and quality you expect from us. But this requires our employees to work side-by-side in the kitchen, and it’s what has left us particularly vulnerable in the face of COVID-19.

As a result, our teams have worked tirelessly to keep our employees safe.

  • We temporarily paused production of any product that required our employees to stand too closely together.
  • We added dividers and ensured our team members were equipped with protective gear and new safety measures and systems to minimize risk.

But all of this caused disruptions and slowed our production.

After much review and effort, we’re excited to share that we’re getting closer day-by-day to making enough products for everyone who is looking for it.

  • We have a new pizza-making kitchen in San Jose, CA devoted to making some of our most popular pizzas.
  • In Pocatello, ID, we’re cooking around the clock to make more soup than ever before.
  • And most importantly, our employees are getting vaccinated, which means they are more protected and will experience fewer disruptions to their work as a result.

There is still a lot of work to be done, but we want you to know that we are fully committed to making great food for you and your families to eat for the long haul. And we are so grateful for your support and patience with us throughout this challenging time.


Our deepest thanks,

Andy, Rachel, Amy, and Jace