6 Ways to Beat Digital Fatigue

6 Ways to Beat Digital Fatigue

I'm face to face with a reality that I still can't fathom as I glance at the date on my laptop calendar. Time seems to be flying as many of us are still figuring out how to balance working from home, homeschooling the little ones, taking college courses and so much more. While we're still battling this pandemic by continuing to stay home and social distance, it's safe to say that many of us miss the small joys of hugging loved ones, lunch dates with friends or the beautiful conversations that bloom between coworkers after a holiday weekend out of office.  

We are adapting in ever-changing times, and there's beauty in being connected digitally but let's be honest...we are tired of looking at our phone and laptop screens! Whether we realize it or not, constantly staring at our screens can plunge us into a state of exhaustion, burnout or what we like to call "virtual meeting fatigue."  

We may still be operating from home for the foreseeable future so how do we fight digital fatigue? Here are a few tips for navigating through this digitally demanding time. 

Daily Gratitude 

Before your day begins, take some time to jot down a list of 10 things you're grateful for. Gratitude is a powerful sentiment that can be used to shift your mindset and help you focus on those pockets of joy throughout the day. 


Silence the noise and enjoy a few deep breaths. New to mediation? Give a guided meditation video/audio a try! Mediation can be tricky at first, but the more you practice, the easier it can become. It’s the perfect way to stay grounded and focused for whatever tasks are at hand.  

Stretch Breaks 

Sometimes we don’t realize how much our posture plays a part in how we feel, especially when we're sitting hunched over a computer for hours on end. Don’t forget to get up and move throughout the day. Stretch breaks are a good way to get the body moving and the blood flowing! 

Nature Breaks 

In between meetings, classes or whatever digital to-do's you have throughout the day, take a moment to get outdoors. Breathe deeply (or even scream if you need to!!), go on a walk and relish the fresh air. 

Social Media Cleanse 

Consuming so much information daily can be daunting. Take a break from all platforms and use the new spare time to do the things you appreciate! Personally, I love to journal, catch up on a book or listen to a podcast! It's completely up to you to decide how long you'd like to step away from social. I'd recommend anywhere from a week to a month...or longer if you find that you prefer it! 

Change up your Virtual Meeting Background 

Keep it fun and switch up your backgrounds. This is a sure-fire way to add an exciting flair to your meetings and could also be a great conversation starter! It’s visually appealing and can energize your meetings. Need some inspiration? Here are a few Amy’s-inspired backgrounds that you can save and use for your own virtual calls!  

(Note: to save, right-click your mouse–or tracking pad–then click save image!)