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Corn Allergy

Amy's Vegetable KormaBecause corn can be so pervasive, it is difficult to avoid if you have an allergy to it. All of Amy’s products clearly state when corn is used. We never use high fructose corn syrup. For more information about corn allergies, or to find corn that might be hidden in other ingredients, please view these websites:

For more information:

+ Allergy Asthma Zone

+ EHow

+ Search for Amy's Corn Free Products


Here are some letters from folks with corn allergies:

Dear Amy,
I've been eating your food for several months now. I've had a corn allergy for the last 10 years, and have only just started cutting it out of my diet. Once doing that, every little bit makes itself known! The fact that you clearly label and have specifically corn-free products makes my life so much easier. Not to mention they're delicious!

Dear Amy,
It was so nice to be able to eat a pizza that did not contain corn products. I have had a chance to try two and they were very good. I am allergic to corn /dextrose, maltodextros... which is in most sauce, meatsetc. so this was a nice change. I'm suppose to not have legumes either.

Dear Amy,
I have eaten Amy's foods for a few months now since my IBS was linked to a corn allergy. I just have to say thank you for being one of the few companies out there that do not use corn in some of your foods. I am a mother, graduate student, and part-time worker and finding the time to make corn-free foods from scratch is difficult. I now have an easy way to eat healthy on the run. Thanks!
Kimberly Barnes



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