Amy’s Kitchen, Organic Foods

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Day One

Amy's Diet PlanNo Gluten Added = No Gluten Ingredients Added

Amy’s Breakfast Burrito
1 tangerine
1 cup 1% milk, or soy milk OR
1 cup nonfat yogurt

Amy's Diet PlanAmy’s Brown Rice and Veggie Bowl No Gluten Added
1 cup carrot sticks
2 tablespoons light salad dressing

1/3 cup Snack Mix

To make Snack Mix:
1/4 cup sunflower or pumpkin seeds
1/4 cup raisins
1/4 cup almonds

Combine ingredients. store in an airtight container until used. You can also double the recipe to have enough Snack Mix to last the entire week.

Amy's Diet PlanDinner
Amy’s Tamale Pie
1 cup salad greens
1 cup mixed vegetables

For the salad dressing:
1 tablespoon balsamic or raspberry vinegar
1 teaspoon olive oil

1/2 cup canned, frozen (defrosted) or fresh peaches

Need A Little More?

For an extra 300 calories: combine 1 ounce toasted almonds (24 nuts) into 1 cup (8 ounces) nonfat yogurt for a snack.

Daily Tip
Ask for support from your family!

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