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Amy’s Kitchen Supports Non-GMO Food

We’re passionate about organic and non-GMO food. Since we became aware of the concern with GMO’s, we’ve had a strict policy that requires our products not contain any GMO ingredients.

Why The Concern About GMOs?

There is a clear distinction between traditional breeding of crops and varieties (which we support) and the new technology of genetic engineering, which crosses species that could never be crossed in nature.

How Amy’s Provides Non-GMO Food

We Choose Organic
A consumer’s best option for avoiding GMOs is to choose organic. GMOs are banned in organic agriculture.
Amy’s Kitchen uses organic vegetables, grains and beans whenever they are commercially available.  At this time, over 99% or our vegetables, grains and beans are organic. All of Amy’s products comply with the NOP (National Organic Program) requirements that ingredients and products not be irradiated and not contain GMOs.

We Take Extra Care
We require all of our suppliers to confirm that they do not sell GMO ingredients to Amy’s.
Canola, corn, and soy are the main crops of concern regarding GMOs. We do not use any canola in our food, and for the organic corn and organic soy ingredients in our products, we rely on testing and other procedures to assure the ingredients are not contaminated with GMOs.  We also use some conventional soy ingredients, all of which are tested for GMOs.

We Support GMO-labeling Initiatives
We believe consumers have the right to know if they are eating GMOs. We work in close collaboration with other organic food companies and community groups working in this arena. We have dedicated staff at Amy’s who works to keep abreast of GMO labeling issues and add our support to grassroots efforts.


Just Label It

Just Label It: We are founding members of the Just Label It campaign, which is focused on mandatory labeling of GMO ingredients as part of consumers’ rights to know what they are eating.

Non GMO Project

Non-GMO Project: Amy’s Kitchen is a participant in the Non-GMO Project.

Prop 37

Prop 37: Amy’s Kitchen was a strong backer, both financially and organizationally, of the California Prop 37 “Yes on GMO labeling” campaign. We came very close to winning despite being outspent $47 million to $8 million. Over six million voters in California voted for this initiative.


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