What did Amy's learn from these audits and internal reviews?

We found many of the recent allegations to be outright false, extreme exaggerations, or connected to issues that have been resolved many years ago. For example:

  • The allegations stated we don’t provide water to our employees. Our internal audit found we have 16 water stations located throughout the plant.
  • The allegations mentioned a burrito pedal that had to be repeatedly pressed. This pedal was automated 8 years ago.
  • The allegations said we don’t give employees breaks during the day. The third-party audit found that employees have numerous breaks and time for meals and rest during the day.
  • The allegations stated we fired an employee with an injury. This employee is still employed by Amy’s.

During this review and through the third-party audit, we did find some new opportunities for improvement. For example:

  • We can do a better job of educating our employees on how to use the confidential hotline.
  • We had several eyewash stations where the water pressure was lower than it was supposed to be.
  • COVID-19 had prevented some of our normal chat sessions where we hear from employees.