Sweet & Sour Bowl

Sweet & Sour Bowl

When Amy was growing up, we’d visit our local Chinese restaurant and always order sweet & sour tofu for the whole family. So we were thrilled when Amy's chefs recently came up with a recipe for our family’s favorite Asian meal. To make this dish, they mix crunchy organic broccoli florets and bright, colorful bell peppers with fresh house-made tofu and place the mix in a bed of organic brown rice and quinoa. Then they tie it all together with a rich, Szechuan-style sweet and spicy sauce. Delicious…the only thing missing is a fortune cookie. Vegan/gluten free/dairy free/lactose free/tree nut free/kosher/plant based  

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Amy's chopped tofu

Masters of Tofu

We make all of our own tofu from scratch because no one can make it better than our tofu masters, who have been traditionally trained. We start with American-grown, non-GMO organic soybeans. Each batch of tofu is crafted to achieve the ideal firmness. Then we chop it, dice it or marinate it, depending on which recipe we’re making.