Homestyle Pot Pie

Homestyle Pot Pie

Amy’s started with a pot pie and a dream. Digging deep down to our roots, we’ve created our Homestyle Pot Pie using the best parts of one of our all-time favorites, the Country Dinner. Our original Veggie Steak and mushroom gravy, combined with organic fire roasted potatoes and green beans, are baked in a flaky, crispy pie crust. From our kitchen to yours, we hope you enjoy this hearty addition to our family of pot pies. Kosher

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Amy's sack of onions

Mega Onions

We once created an Onion Task Force to go out and find an onion that’s as sweet and flavorful, when you eat it, as the day it’s picked. Because when it comes to onions, we don’t hold back. Almost an entire pound of onions goes into each Roasted Veggie Pizza. First we slice them. Then we cook them slowly over time, caramelizing them to pull out the sugars and release their intense flavor.