Amy's Candy Bar S’mores

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Amy's Candy Bar S’mores

Roast them, toast them, squish them. No one loves a tasty treat more than our co-founder Andy, and he promises that these s’mores won’t disappoint. As with all simple recipes, the secret is to use the very best so find the perfect Graham cracker or cookie to use and track down Amy's candy bars: they’re delicious, vegan and not as cloyingly sweet as traditional marshmallows.

Serves 4 Easy


  • Smoosh half of your favorite Amy's candy bar to flatten it out and place on a Graham cracker. Toast marshmallows over a campfire or under the oven broiler until golden brown and delicious. Assemble your s’mores and dig in.

Pro tip

For an extra delicious s’more, refrain from squishing your Amy's Candy Bar and skewer it instead. Place it over the fire until it just starts to melt then build your campfire creation.