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Amy’s Kitchen Offers Simple Solutions for Every Dietary Challenge

Going vegan? Following a gluten-free or dairy-free diet? Need to lower the calories or lighten up on salt? Have a child with special dietary needs? Amy’s has delicious, nutritious options.  
Petaluma, California – Company co-founder and Amy’s mom, Rachel Berliner, cares deeply about the families who eat Amy’s foods. She understands why busy moms needs healthful, quick options like Amy’s provides. She also listens to Amy’s fans and has learned about a wide range of special dietary needs.  
Amy’s products have always been free of meat, eggs, trans fats, and corn syrup, but the company has greatly expanded its line to also include items that meet the needs of vegans, those looking for fewer calories and less fat for weight loss, those needing to reduce their sodium intake, and options that are gluten-free, dairy-free, or both – all while continuing to offer the great taste customers expect from Amy’s. With all of these choices, Amy’s can help with just about any diet.  
Weight Loss
Amy’s easy-to-follow Diet Plan just got easier and now includes the company’s four new Light & Lean entrees, the first ever all natural and organic meals, which all have less than 300 calories and 5 grams of fat each. Everything participants  
need to try the diet plan is available on the Amy’s website at, including a shopping list, daily planner, and substitutions list in easy-to-use, downloadable PDFs. Amy’s also provides inspirational stories, exercise tips and encourages feedback from participants.  
Amy’s Has a Plan Tailored for Vegans, Too!
Following a vegan diet can pose challenges, but Amy’s makes it easy to be a vegan. Whether you’re exploring how to eat healthfully while avoiding animal products or looking to lose a little weight, Amy’s has over 70 vegan items to choose from. Amy’s Vegan Diet Plan has added fresh fruits and veggies along with nondairy yogurts and milks for a complete and satisfying program.  
Shaking the Salt Habit…with Amy’s Light in Sodium Items
With many Americans restricting their sodium intake for health reasons, Amy’s has introduced light in sodium versions of many of the company’s popular products, including Amy’s soups, sauces, and a variety of frozen items. Each light-in-sodium version has 340 mg of sodium or less per serving (50% less than the original), but no less flavor. Look for the orange banner that designates light in sodium.  
Food Intolerances
Lactose intolerance is the inability to digest lactose, a type of sugar in milk and other dairy products. Products identified as “Lactose Free” do not contain any lactose (milk sugar), although they may contain caseinate, a milk protein. Amy’s produces more than 80 “Lactose Free” products—most of which are also completely dairy-free.  
Dairy allergies, though less common, can produce symptoms more severe than lactose intolerance, and in rare cases, even anaphylactic shock. Amy’s produces approximately 50 casein-free products
For those diagnosed with a gluten intolerance or celiac disease, Amy’s has dozens of Gluten free options. In addition, Amy’s worked with Sonoma County dietician Jill Nussinow to create a two-week Gluten Free Meal Plan that’s designed to help participants lose two pounds a week (some lose more).  

For Children on Special Diets
Pizza, mac & cheese, chocolate cake, or simple shortbread cookies: The necessities of childhood. But not if your child has celidisease or is one of millions of children on a special diet. Thanks to Amy’s, children on special diets can enjoy familiar, child-friendly favorites again.  
Amy’s expanding lines of gluten-free and dairy free options are a resource for parents needing a dairy (casein)- and gluten-free diet for their children, such as those with intolerances or with autism. Many Amy’s products are both gluten- and dairy-free, while still being appealing and delicious to kids.  
Amy’s gluten-free/dairy free options include products such as Cream of Rice Hot Cereal (SRP $2.29) and Non-Dairy Cheeze Rice Crust Pizza in a single-serve size (SRP $3.99).  There’s even a dairy- and gluten-free Mac and Cheeze Kids Meal (8.0 ounces, suggested retail price: $4.29).  
About Amy’s  
Amy’s is the nation's leading source of natural and organic convenience food. The market for organic foods is among the fastest-growing grocery categories, with sales expanding at more than 10 percent annually. Now celebrating its 23rd year, Amy's is a family-owned and operated business based in Sonoma County, California. Its products are available nationally in natural foods stores, most supermarkets and select warehouse club stores, as well as internationally.  
Amy's uses certified organic ingredients, including vegetables, grains and fruits grown without pesticides. Fats are used sparingly and selectively; all dairy ingredients are made with pasteurized rBST hormone-free milk and do not contain animal enzymes or animal rennet. No dishes contain meat, fish, shellfish, poultry, eggs or peanuts. Amy's products are non-GMO and do not contain hydrogenated fats or oils. For more information about Amy’s products, the company and more, visit and .

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