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Amy’s Debuts New Line: ‘Light & Lean Meals’

Finally, a line of organic low-cal meals with the great taste of Amy’s!
Santa Rosa, California - Amy's, the nation's top-selling brand of natural and organic convenience foods, is pleased to debut Light & Lean Meals, a new line of frozen convenience meals containing less than 300 calories, 5 grams of fat, and 590 mg of sodium. These convenient, tasty, low fat, low calorie meals are perfectly proportioned and are made with the same natural ingredients and high standards for taste and quality as Amy’s regular entrees. Each meal is 4-5 Weight Watchers points.
Amy’s Light & Lean Meals were created in response to consumer requests for meals that would fit their diet plans. The new line is intended to compete with other low calorie frozen meals currently on the market. As with all Amy’s products, Light & Lean Meals are organic, vegetarian, and are made without the use of trans fats or GMOs.
NEW Amy’s Light & Lean Pasta & Veggies (SRP $4.89/8.5oz)
Rotini is one of Amy’s chef’s favorite pastas. Its twisty shape is ideal for holding the light pasta sauce and tender shallots, organic asparagus spears and broccoli florets. The sauce is made from vine-ripened organic tomatoes seasoned with sweet basil and other traditional Italian herbs, with a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese on top. Just 210 calories,  
5 grams fat, and 470 mg sodium.
NEW Amy’s Light & Lean Spinach Lasagna (SRP $4.89/8oz)
This spinach lasagna is made with ricotta, Parmesan and mcheeses and organic spinach layered between organic pasta, then covered with Amy’s special tomato pasta sauce. Only 250 calories5 grams fat, and 540 mg sodium.
NEW Amy’s Light & Lean Soft Taco Fiesta
(SRP $4.89
Amy’s has placed a soft corn tortilla between a layer of brown
rice, shredded vegetables and sweet corn and a layer of
black beans and cheese. A blend of tomatillo and ranchero sauces makes this a flavorful, but not too spicy meal. Just 220 calories,  
4.5 grams fat, and 560 mg sodium. Gluten free.
NEW Amy’s Light & Lean Black Bean & Cheese Enchilada  (SRP $4.89/8oz) A mixture of organic black beans, tofu, brown rice, vegetables and cheese is tucked into a tortilla that’s folded by hand acovered with a flavorful blend of tomatillo and ranchero sauces. Organic brown rice with carrots and sweet corn complete the meal. Contains 240 calories, 4.5 grams fat and 480 mg sodium. Gluten free.  

About Amy’s  
Amy’s is the nation's leading source of natural and organic convenience food. The market for organic foods is among the fastest-growing grocery categories, with sales expanding at more than 10 percent annually. Now celebrating its 23rd year, Amy's is a family-owned and operated business based in Sonoma County, California. Its products are available nationally in natural foods stores, most supermarkets and select warehouse club stores, as well as internationally.  
Amy's uses certified organic ingredients, including vegetables, grains and fruits grown without pesticides. Fats are used sparingly and selectively; all dairy ingredients are made with pasteurized rBST hormone-free milk and do not contain animal enzymes or animal rennet. No dishes contain meat, fish, shellfish, poultry, eggs or peanuts. Amy's products are non-GMO and do not contain hydrogenated fats or oils. 

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