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New Vegan Items From Your Friends at Amy’s

Dear Blogger,

Did you know that Amy's now offers over 80 vegan items? Plus, there are seven new items, including breakfast bowls and pizza. Would you like to try Amy’s Black Bean Tamale Verde, Non-Dairy Cheeze Rice Crust Pizza (Single Serve), and four new Hot Cereal Bowls?

I would be delighted to send you samples! Because these new vegan items are frozen and perishable, I want to pick a date when you'll be available to receive them. Just let me know what date works for you (any day Tuesday through Friday) and we'll have them shipped.

Amy’s delicious vegan items include: pizzas, burritos, pocket sandwiches, Italian Food, Veggie Bowls, Veggie Burgers, Indian food, Mexican Food, Soups, and Chilis
For a complete listing, log onto:


Letters from happy Amy’s customers

We REALLY like your products!
Thank you so much for them especially for your vegetarian meatloaf
dinner AND your tofu scramble with hash browns and veggies. Also, your
soups and everything are also great.  We are vegetarian already (Help
the animals, yes!) and the products that are as VEGAN (non-dairy) as
possible are the ones we have started looking for at our local store the
most. We are attempting to eliminate cheese from our diet a little at a
time. We have just started getting the soy cheese pizza now too. Thank
you for all of your work.
From, Garie

Dear Amy,
FINALLY! Thank you so much for finally making a vegan cheese pizza!
I've been waiting a decade for a vegan cheese pizza to be available at
grocery stores.  I think some cheese-craving vegans probably even gave up veganism due to their overpowering cravings.  This is something vegans have been craving and I'm sure if word gets out it will be a huge seller. 
Keep up the good work,

Dear Amy,
I love, love, love all your vegan products and recommend them to all of
my family and friends.  Keep up the great work.
From Vivian

Dear Amy,
Thank you for clearly labeling your vegan items at the beginning of the
ingredients list. Also, thank you for recognizing that honey is not
vegan. It makes grocery shopping a lot less reading intensive.
From Wes

Hi there,
I just wanted to write to say thank you so much for your delicious
foods. As a vegan it is so difficult to find quick and easy meals. My
family isn't vegan so preparing 2 meals is often in order. With Amy's
meals I can always have something healthy, delicious and filling even if
I'm in a hurry! Thanks so much.


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