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Amy’s Kitchen Launches New Line of Microwavable Cereals at Expo East

Amy’s also adds a new Kids Meal, two new Tamales, and a Gluten/Dairy-Free Pizza as well as five new Light in Sodium frozen products

Santa Rosa, California - Amy's Kitchen, the nation's top-selling brand of natural and organic convenience foods, is pleased to debut a new line of hot cereal bowls—Oatmeal, Cream of Rice, Steel Cut Oats, and Multi-Grain —at Expo East Show, September 27 - 29, 2007, in Baltimore at the Baltimore Convention Center. Amy’s will also be sampling a new Kids Meal (Mexican Quesadilla with Rice & Beans), two new tamales (Black Bean Tamale Verde and Cheese Tamale Verde), and its newest single serve pizza (Non-Dairy Cheeze Rice Crust Pizza). Amy’s expanded Light in Sodium frozen products will be on display at the booth. Visit Amy’s Kitchen at Booth #3413.

Hot Cereal Bowls
Shipping Nov 2007
Rain, snow or shine, hot cereal is the breakfast for all seasons. There’s nothing quite as comforting and nourishing as waking up to a steaming bowl of hot cereal. In the frantic morning rush, you don’t always have time for the slow cooking that brings out the essential goodness of the grains. So Amy’s has done it for you. We’ve even sweetened the cereal with the pure and delicately flavored organic agave nectar,* so you can naturally sweeten up your cereal and your day. For breakfast or a healthy snack, just heat and enjoy as is or add your favorite toppings.
*This organic sweetener, made from the agave plant.

Amy'sNEW Oatmeal Hot Cereal (9.0 ounces, SRP: $2.29)
Amy’s mom’s favorite breakfast is old-fashioned rolled oats, which inspired us to create this tasty oatmeal bowl. Amy’s oatmeal is cooked to perfection to create that familiar blend of textures: smooth and creamy with just enough definition. Amy’s oatmeal is more than mere comfort food. Oatmeal is a good source of fiber and iron, with no cholesterol. So take a minute and comfort yourself.

Amy'sNEW Cream of Rice Hot Cereal (9.0 ounces, SRP: $2.29)
When Amy was a baby she was very particular about what foods she would eat. However, there was a brand of cream of rice that Amy truly liked. There was just one problem--it wasn’t organic. Now, 20 years later, Amy’s has created a gluten-free cream of rice cereal made from organic brown rice. Amy’s Organic Cream of Rice Hot Cereal Bowl is a soothing way to satisfy your morning hunger. It’s smooth and creamy with a delicate flavor that Amy still loves today.

Amy'sNEW Steel Cut Oats Hot Cereal (9.0 ounces, SRP: $2.29)
Steel-cut oats, also known as Irish or Scottish oats, were first domesticated in Europe 3,000 years ago and became the staple crop of people in those regions. Now Amy’s is bringing the tradition of this hearty oat into your kitchen. Full of texture and packed with nutrients, steel-cut oats do not go through the processing steps of rolled oats, so they retain more of the nutrients, flavor and texture of the whole oat grains. They take more than half an hour to cook on the stovetop, but you can heat this hot cereal bowl in only minutes.

Amy'sNEW Multi-Grain Hot Cereal (9.0 ounces, SRP: $2.29)
Every new day deserves a healthy beginning. Amy’s Organic Multi- Grain Hot Cereal Bowl is a delicious and satisfying way to supply your body with the nutrition it needs. This bowl is a blend of seven organic whole grains carefully selected to provide you with a nutritious breakfast that’s a good source of fiber and protein. Amy’s slow cooking has brought out a wonderful blend of textures while maintaining the smoothness we all love in a hot cereal. So just heat up a tasty bowl and reap the benefits.

Shipping Nov 2007

Amy'sNEW Non-Dairy Cheeze Rice Crust Pizza (Single Serve) (6.0 ounces, SRP: $3.99)
Light tender rice crust topped with dairy-free, soy-based mozzarella and ricotta cheezes, and of course Amy's authentic Italian pizza sauce made with organic sun-ripened tomatoes and our special blend of herbs. Gluten free and dairy free.

Kids Meals
Shipping Jan 2008

This newest kid-friendly meal joins two other Kids Meals (Mac n’ Cheese and Baked Ziti) that made their debut earlier this year. Kids Meals have special “kid appeal” and are in child-sized portions. As is true of all other Amy’s products, the ingredients are natural and organic and no meat, fish, poultry, eggs or peanuts are used.

Amy'sNEW Mexican Quesadilla with Beans & Rice Kids Meals (8.0 ounces, SRP: $4.29)
This is a kids’ meal that Amy truly loves. Quesadillas are deliciously complemented by Amy's traditional refried beans and perfectly seasoned Spanish rice. There’s a mouth-watering chocolate cake for a sweet ending, as well as a page inside the box for kids to color.

Shipping Jan 2008

NEW Black Bean Tamale Verde (9.0 ounces, SRP: $4.29)
Amy'sCorn masa tamale filled with tender organic black beans, tomatoes, onions, zucchini and blended with a tomato salsa. Topped with an authentic verde sauce of organic tomatillos. Served with a side of Spanish rice made with organic brown rice. Gluten free/Non-dairy.

NEW Cheese Tamale Verde (9.0 ounces, SRP: $4.29)
Amy'sCorn masa tamale filled with Monterey jack cheese and Anaheim chilies. Topped with an authentic verde sauce of organic tomatillos. Spanish rice made with organic brown rice and tender black beans are served on the side. Gluten free.

Light in Sodium
Shipping Nov 2007

Amy’s is pleased to announce light-in-sodium versions of the following frozen items, with 50% less sodium than the original:

Amy'sNEW Light in Sodium Spinach Single Serve Pizza (7.2 ounces, SRP: $3.99)
Even if you don’t ordinarily eat spinach, you’ll like this pizza. The light, tender crust made from organic wheat flour and extra virgin olive oil is first topped with our savory Italian sauce made from organic tomatoes. Then we add organic spinach blended with feta and sprinkle mozzarella on top. Delicious and satisfying.

Amy'sNEW Light in Sodium Mexican Casserole Bowl (9.5 ounces, SRP: $4.29)
Amy’s Mexican Casserole Bowl is truly delicious. Drawing on the rich Mexican heritage of our California community, Amy’s chef, Fred, has created a dish that combines the authentic flavor and ingredients of the traditional tamale with the easy eating convenience of Amy’s entrees in a bowl. It’s made from organic white corn masa, black beans, sweet golden corn, olives, tomatoes and a careful blend of chili peppers and spices.

Amy'sNEW Light in Sodium Indian Mattar Paneer (10.0 ounces, SRP: $4.29) Amy’s mom & dad, Rachel & Andy, met in India and have many Indian friends. One of these friends invited them to dinner and they were so delighted with the meal that they wanted to share it with Amy’s customers. They asked their friend if she would teach our chefs how to prepare this dish. After many trials and tastings they came up with Amy’s Mattar Paneer Whole Meal. The mattar paneer is made with tender organic peas and Indian cheese in an authentic, delicately spiced sauce. Golden carrots, onions and cumin add flavor and color to the organic basmati rice. Curried chana masala made with organic garbanzo beans and sweet organic tomatoes round out this delicious meal that we’re sure will appeal to all who appreciate fine Indian cooking.

Amy'sNEW Light in Sodium Shepherd’s Pie (8.0 ounces, SRP: $2.59) Shepherd’s Pie, a long time favorite of English country folk, brings to mind the warmth and comfort of a simple, hearty meal eaten after a hard day’s work. Amy’s has created a meatless, dairy free and lower fat version of this traditional meal. Organically grown vegetables are simmered in a nourishing broth and blanketed with fluffy mashed potatoes.

Amy'sNEW Light in Sodium Macaroni & Cheese (9.0 ounces, SRP: $2.79) Amy loves pasta - and the rest of us do too. So Amy's Kitchen began to search for a nutritious pasta dish that, like our pot pies, would be easy to prepare and popular with both children and adults. We decided on another traditional favorite, Macaroni and Cheese made with 100% organic macaroni in a smooth cheese sauce. We’re sure you’re going to enjoy this delicious, nutritious and convenient meal from Amy’s Kitchen.

About Amy’s
Amy’s is the nation's leading source of natural and organic convenience food. The market for organic foods is among the fastest-growing grocery categories, with sales expanding at more than 10 percent annually. Now celebrating its 18th year, Amy's is a family-owned and operated business based in Sonoma County, California. Its products are available nationally in natural foods stores, most supermarkets, select warehouse club stores, as well as internationally.

Amy's uses certified organic ingredients, including vegetables, grains and fruits grown without pesticides. Fats are used sparingly and selectively; all dairy ingredients are made with pasteurized rBST hormone free milk and do not contain animal enzymes or rennet. No dishes contain meat, fish, poultry or eggs. Amy's products are non-GMO and do not contain hydrogenated fats or oils.

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