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Perfect Summertime Salsas from Amy’s!

Nacho SnacksTwo New Flavors Spice Up the Season

Santa Rosa, California - Amy's Kitchen, the nation's top-selling brand of natural and organic convenience foods, introduces two new Salsas, adding to Amy’s original threesome of Mild, Medium and Black Bean & Corn Salsas.

The first three salsas were such an instant hit that customers wanted more! The chefs at Amy’s responded with two spicy new creations that are sure to satisfy those craving a bit more bite in their salsa.

Amy’s Fire Roasted Vegetable Salsa
(17.5 ounces. suggested retail price: $3.59).

This medium-hot salsa is made with sweet organic vine-ripened tomatoes. Fire Roasted Vegetable Salsa features organic fire roasted onions, fire roasted green bell peppers, garlic, olive oil and spices. Gluten free, non-dairy.

Amy’s Organic Spicy Chipotle Salsa
(17.5 ounces, suggested retail price: $3.59)

The second of two new salsas, Amy’s Organic Spicy Chipotle Salsa is boldly seasoned with onions, fire roasted poblano peppers, jalapeño peppers, chipotle peppers and garlic. Gluten free, non-dairy.

Perfect for creating satisfying Mexican and Southwestern dishes in a snap, Amy’s Salsas are great for summertime snacking too. Spooned over grilled quesadillas, topping a taco or simply as a dip for chips, Amy’s Salsas add just the right zing. 

All of Amy’s Salsas, including the three original flavors: Amy’s Organic Mild Salsa, Amy’s Organic Medium Salsa, and Amy’s Organic Black Bean & Corn Salsa are made with certified organic ingredients, contain no GMOs and are available on the grocery shelves of natural foods stores throughout the US. They are also gluten free and vegan.

Amy’ Organic Mild Salsa (17.5 ounces, $3.59)
Incredibly fresh tasting salsa made with sweet organic vine ripened tomatoes…great for party dips, or add it to your favorite Mexican food.

Amy’s Organic Medium Salsa (17.5 ounces, $3.59)
A bit more heat than Amy’s Mild Salsa, but with the same authentic flavors of organic cilantro, lime juice and jalapeño peppers. This salsa is the perfect finishing touch to a crispy tostada, hearty burrito or sizzling fajitas.

Amy’s Organic Black Bean & Corn Salsa (17.5 ounces, $3.59)
Flavorful organic black beans and juicy organic corn kernels add a nice textural crunch to this piquant salsa. Try it on your next plate of nachos or quesadillas!

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