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Amy’s Kitchen Introduces Eight Exciting New Products

Natural and organic leader continues to expand offerings in 2005

Santa Rosa, California - Amy's Kitchen, the nation's top-selling brand of natural and organic convenience foods, is delighted to present eight delicious new products, including four Light in Sodium versions of Amy's popular frozen favorites.

The following newly introduced products will be available for nationwide distribution by Summer 2005:

Nacho Snacks
Light in Sodium Frozen Products

Amy's Light in Sodium Vegetable Lasagna
(9.5 ounces. suggested retail price: $3.79)

Amy's version of this Italian favorite is made with organic vegetables, the finest organic tomato sauce and low fat cheeses layered between 100% organic pasta. This dish contains 340 mg of sodium compared to 680 mg in Amy's regular Vegetable Lasagna.

Amy's Light in Sodium Veggie Loaf
(10 ounces. suggested retail price: $3.79)
Amy's popular Veggie Loaf Whole Meal features a loaf made from a blend of legumes and organic vegetables covered with perfectly seasoned tomato based gravy and accompanied by fluffy organic mashed potatoes, tender organic peas and sweet corn. This satisfying meal contains 340 mg of sodium compared to 690 mg in Amy's regular Veggie Loaf Whole Meal. Non-dairy.

Amy's Light in Sodium Black Bean Enchilada
(9.5 ounces. suggested retail price: $3.79) This delicious Mexican entrée is made with organic tortillas, black beans and a medley of organic vegetables; it contains 190 mg of sodium compared to 390 mg in Amy's regular Black Bean Vegetable Enchilada. Gluten free, non-dairy.

Amy's Light in Sodium Brown Rice & Vegetables Bowl
(10 ounces. suggested retail price $3.79)
Made with organic tofu, brown rice and vegetables. This favorite contains 250 mg of sodium compared to 510 mg in Amy's regular Brown Rice & Vegetables Bowl. Gluten free, non-dairy.

More New Products From Amy's
Amy's Spinach Pizza Pocket Sandwich
(4.5 ounces. suggested retail price: $1.99)
Amy's famous Spinach Pizza in a convenient tender crust. Filled with organic spinach, feta and mozzarella cheeses and pizza sauce, this pizza pocket sandwich is quick and easy to prepare and tastes great.

Amy's Ravioli Bowl (9.5 ounces. suggested retail price: $3.79).
Delicious organic pasta ravioli are filled with delicately seasoned low fat cheese and covered with a robust tomato sauce in this convenient and authentically Italian bowl.

Amy's first three salsas – Mild, Medium and Black Bean & Corn – were an instant hit. They couldn't ignore the requests for more salsa with a spicier taste. These two new salsas are sure to satisfy those craving a bit more bite in their salsa.

Amy's Fire Roasted Vegetable Salsa
(17.5 ounces. suggested retail price: $3.59)
This medium-hot salsa is made with sweet organic vine-ripened tomatoes. Fire Roasted Vegetable Salsa features fire roasted onions, fire roasted green bell peppers, garlic, olive oil and spices. Gluten free, non-dairy.

Amy's Organic Spicy Chipotle Salsa
(17.5 ounces, suggested retail price: $3.59)
The second of two new salsas, Amy's Organic Spicy Chipotle Salsa is boldly seasoned with onions, fire roasted poblano peppers, jalapeño peppers, chipotle peppers and garlic. Gluten free, non-dairy.

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