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Holiday Entertaining Made Easy with Amy’s

Delicious vegetarian appetizers and time savers for this holiday season

Santa Rosa, California - Amy's Kitchen, the nation's top-selling brand of natural and organic convenience foods, offers consumers quick and easy tips for holiday entertaining. From ready-to-bake hors d’oeuvres to ready-to-go sauces for a hearty main course, Amy’s is a great timesaving source for parties.

Nacho SnacksAmy’s Snacks, in a delightful array of flavors, are the perfect “one-bite” finger food. The snacks are available in 6 ounce packages (containing 10 –12 pieces each) for a suggested retail price of $3.39. Amy’s Cheese Pizza Snacks featurealight tender organic crust filled with Amy's own organic pizza sauce and reduced fat mozzarella cheese. Amy’s Spinach Pizza Snacks are made with organic chopped spinach, feta and mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. Amy’s Spinach Feta Snacks are a delicious combination of organic feta cheese, tofu, and spinach baked inside a light tender crust. Amy’s Nacho Snacks are mini tortilla wrappers, filled with layers of cheddar and jack cheeses, pinto beans, olives and just the right amount of jalapeño peppers. These are great when served with Amy’s Organic Mild Salsa, Amy’s Organic Medium Salsa or Amy’s Black Bean and Corn Salsa. Each available in 17.5 oz. jars

for a suggested retail price of $3.59. Try serving a variety of Amy’s Snacks arranged on a wooden platter with fresh cut vegetables and dips for a healthy and delicious presentation. Add crunchy corn tortillas or wedges of toasted pita to the platter and serve with one of Amy’s trio of Refried Beans, available in 15.4 oz. cans for a suggested retail price of $1.89: Amy’s Traditional Organic Refried Beans, Amy’s Organic Refried Black Beans or Amy’s Organic Refried Beans with Green Chilies.

Another quick and easy way to create tasty hors d’oeuvres is to cut small wedges of Amy’s Pizzas – and add your own fresh garnishes for a personal touch. Amy’s offers a variety of flavors including Cheese & Pesto Pizza with Whole Wheat Crust (14 oz, $6.79),  3 Cheese Pizza with Cornmeal Crust (14.5 oz, $5.69), Roasted Vegetable Pizza (12 oz., $6.79), Pesto Pizza (13.5 oz., $6.79), Mushroom and Olive Pizza (13 oz., $5.69)and Veggie Combo Pizza (16 oz., $6.79), all perfect for entertaining.

3 Cheese PizzaTry topping small wedges of pizza with freshly chopped ribbons of basil, toasted pine nuts or finely chopped olives and serve on a colorful dish to get your party started in minutes. Pizzas are perfect for an informal gathering and especially fun for a children’s party.

Comfort foods are perfect for winter entertaining. Home cooks can save time in preparing dishes like lasagna or baked cannelloni by using Amy’s Pasta Sauces (24.5 oz, $6.39). Amy’s selection of flavors - Tomato Basil Sauce, the classic sauce for Italian favorites; Puttanesca Pasta Sauce,caramelized onions, green olives, capers and a unique blend of spices give this sauce its robust flavor; Wild Mushroom Sauce, a full-bodied rich flavored sauce enhanced with portabello and porcini mushrooms – offer an easy and tasty shortcut to making homemade favorites in less time.

When unexpected guests drop by, Amy’s family size entrees are the perfect timesaving solution. Amy’s offers a selection of delightfully healthy and comforting meals to serve to your family and friends alike, featuring classic favorites like Amy’s Family Size Vegetable Lasagna (2.5 lbs. $11.39), Amy’s Family Size Veggie Loaf with Gravy (1.4 lbs. $5.69), Amy’s Family Size Cheese Enchilada (2.2 lbs. $11.39), and Amy’s Family Size Black Bean Vegetable Enchilada (2.2 lbs. $11.39).

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