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Amy’s Kitchen Supports New USDA National Organic Standards (NOS)

Organic Leader Says Consumers Ultimately Benefit With New Laws, Clearer Messages

Santa Rosa, California - Amy's Kitchen, the nation's top-selling producer and brand of frozen natural and organic vegetarian entrées, and canned sauces and soups, announces its support of the new USDA National Organic Standards (NOS), which are in effect as of Monday, October 21, 2002.

Amy's Kitchen has taken a leadership role in drafting the new standards over the past thirteen years, and acted as a "company model", influencing the new labeling laws. Amy's Kitchen is currently 100% compliant. "We've worked together with other organic companies over the last 13 years in an effort to bring this about," said Andy Berliner, President of Amy's Kitchen.

"We believe the rules will help build trust among consumers by clarifying the meaning of "organic". These new rules enable clear and consistent communication and claims by all producers across the country," said Berliner. "It is our hope that the inauguration of these new U.S. standards will pave the way for international agreements - ultimately streamlining trade of organic products between countries and world regions."
Most of the new requirements are consistent with the policies held by Amy's Kitchen since its inception in 1987. The company has diligently maintained a policy of keeping GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) from entering the production floor of its kitchen facilities. Amy's Kitchen applies this standard rigorously to both organic and non-organic ingredients. The new NOS policy requires that all foods considered organic must be free of GMOs.

"We believe the effect on the marketplace from the new standards will be very positive," said Berliner. "Many consumers have avoided or postponed purchase of organic products due to the confusing or mixed messages about the validity of product claims. Producers and the news media have long been challenged to present a balanced view of a confusing situation with organic products. The clarity of the new USDA policies and labeling laws will act to legitimize true organic products of every kind. The great news is that consumers will be the greatest benefactors of the new standards."

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