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Recipe for Success

Rachel Berliner in Prevention Magazine

Rachel and Andy Berliner were happily married and expecting their first child in 1987 when Rachel pulled a muscle in her leg. Unable to shop or prepare home-cooked dinners, she sent Andy to the local health-food store in search of frozen organic meals. All he could find was a bland lasagna.

Rachel and Andy decided to start their own line of frozen foods that would be organic and flavorful too. Talk about a family affair. Rachel’s mom contributed the first recipe—a vegetable and tofu potpie—and the couple named the company for their newborn daughter, Amy. As the little girl grew, so did the business, Amy’s Kitchen—along with the farms that Rachel and Andy now rely on to supply 100 million pounds of organic tomatoes, onions, and other veggies a year for 200 million lasagnas, pizzas, soups, and other meals. You can find the products anywhere from natural food stores to major chains. “I love that Target carries them,” says Rachel. “Part of my mission is to make organic food affordable.” And little Amy? Now 23 and a newly minted Stanford grad, she works in the company’s small UK branch. And there’s a second generation of customers too. “I grew up on Amy’s,” moms write to Rachel. “Now I feed Amy’s to my own kids.”

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