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What’s in Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s shopping cart?

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This bubbly co-host of The View is an avid label reader, but she's not simply scoping out fat grams and calories. "Last year I learned that I had celiac disease, an autoimmune condition that leaves me unable to digest gluten, a protein found in a lot of grains," says Hasselbeck, who's expecting her second child this month. "Shopping is more of a challenge these days, but I can still find delicious food."
She never has to worry about there being gluten in fruits and vegetables, including her current favorite, green grapes. "As a kid, I loved the red ones from my grandmother's vine," she says. "Now I prefer green because they're more refreshing and tart."
Texas BurgerHasselbeck's top protein sources–eggs, chicken, and turkey–are also naturally gluten-free. In addition she relies on the following speciality products: Amy's Bowls ($4; at all supermarkets), Think Thin Bars ($2), and Pacific Organic Free Range Chicken Broth ($3).

Elizabeth's Top Picks
"When my hubby orders takeout, I heat up an Amy's bowl."

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