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Best Veggie Ready Meal

Amy's Kitchen

Gone are the days when a ready meal meant an unsightly box of sludge full to brimming with salt and fat and all the flavour of a cardboard box. These days we are spoilt for choice and can plump for fresh or frozen options that are often nutritionally balanced and tasty as you like. We were looking for ready meals that delivered on both these fronts and in particular for ones that tasted like they could have been homemade. With this tasty bunch, your mid-week meal solutions will never be dull again!

Amy's Enchiladas
When you want something satisfying yet wholesome, you can't go wrong with the Amy's range of frozen ready meals. Made using natural ingredients, they taste so fresh and good for you they make you feel like you're looking after yourself. This is packed with crunchy veg and black beans, and is infused with soothing spices.

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