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News articles related to our company and products.

Amy’s On!

Amy's NewsletterOprah’s website calls Amy’s “the company that brings freshness to your pantry and freezer.” Be sure to watch the video made by Oprah’s producers all about Amy's by clicking here. The video offers a great depiction of the Berliner family and what motivates them to keep producing top quality, great tasting organic meals.

Oprah’s ground-breaking show that aired Wednesday 1/27/10), Food 101 with Michael Pollan,” brought huge awareness to important issues pertaining to our food, its sources and problems, and the impact food has on our health. In fact, it made Food Inc. the #1-selling movie on

Amy's Newsletter“We are so excited to be on Oprah’s website as a resource,” said company co-founder Andy Berliner. “You’ll love seeing Amy’s food made...with love, care and organic veggies.”

Amy's NewsletterTell Oprah you want to know more about Amy’s story and how you can eat in a way that's good for you and good for the planet.

Go to Oprah's website and register, then you'll be able to comment on the video.

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