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12 Healthy Living Secrets From Some of the Healthiest People We Know

Sometimes taking care of your body can seem like a huge task that no normal person can manage: Eat conscientiously! Exercise constantly! Sleep eight hours! Meditate like your life depends on it! It’s enough to make your head spin. Thankfully, you don’t have to be perfect—you just have to try a little bit every day. Here’s how some of our super-healthy (but not superhuman) friends manage. 

Healthy Living Secret: Turn off the screens and sleep!

Sleeping"I've found that the most important thing for me is a good night's sleep. Even if I'm eating well, juicing, doing yoga, and meditating, none of that matters if I'm sleep-deprived. I turn off all my screens an hour before I go to bed, light a candle, read a few chapters in a book, and play a little music.”
- Amy Berliner, co-owner of Amy's Kitchen organic foods


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