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Snacking, LHJ Style

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Here in the LHJ offices, we are an army of snackers. My seat directly next to our communal snack basket confirms this – in the hours just before lunch and sometime after 3pm, when blood sugar levels begin to fall, LHJ staffers (see them in action, to the right) start wandering over to inspect the various bags, tins and boxes on offer. Between product samples, frequent test kitchen recipe results, and generous foodie staff members, we’re lucky to have a pretty bottomless supply of treats.

Although folks around the office are flexible and gracious with regard to our snack situation, it’s not overly difficult to gauge the real winners – a select few snacks manage to cause a feeding frenzy of sorts, disappearing almost as quickly as they arrive.  Over the last couple of weeks, the following treats have been some of our absolute favorites:

Amy’s Gluten Free Shortbread

During a recent snack tasting, these were a sleeper standout.  LHJ Creative Director Jeffrey Saks and Editor-in-Chief Sally Lee remarked on the buttery goodness these gluten-free treats, made with a hefty dose of organic almond flour.  One (or three!) of these would be the perfect mate to a cup of tea.  Use Amy’s online store-finder to find cookies at a grocery store near you.

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