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Welcome to the Amy's News section. Here you'll find articles relating to our company, health and environmental issues we care about and our own press releases. Use the archives on the left to look back in time! This Headlines page keeps you up to date with the latest three articles.

Amy’s Wins Two Foodie Awards from Vegetarian Times!

Amy’s Kitchen Southwestern Burrito and Gluten Free Shortbread Cookies were chosen as 2014 Foodie Awards winners by Vegetarian Times’ readers!  Here’s what they said:

Vegetarian Times Foodie AwardsBurritos & Wraps: Readers’ Pick
Amy’s Southwestern Burrito: "Not your average bean-and-cheese burrito, this midday staple gets extra oomph from jalapeño chiles and fire-roasted poblanos."

Splurge-Worthy Cookies: Readers’ Pick
Amy’s Gluten Free Classic Shortbread Cookie:  "Serve these rich, buttery cookies at a party, and nobody will guess they’re gluten-free. Almond flour lends a welcome nutty flavor to the classic treat.”

To see the other winners, click here.


Which Mac & Cheese Brand Just Got Sold? It Wasn’t Amy’s!

Family-Owned Amy’s Kitchen Remains Committed to Independence

Santa Rosa, California – Social media and phone lines were buzzing last week when news broke
that Annie’s had sold to food giant General Mills. Customers were confused about whether it was Annie’s or Amy’s that had been purchased.

“It was definitely not Amy’s,” said Andy Berliner, co-­‐founder of Amy’s Kitchen. A sigh of relief came from Amy’s fan base as the confusion was cleared and they were reassured that Amy’s will continue to produce their organic and non-­‐GMO favorites as always.

While dozens of natural food brands have been acquired by global corporations eager to corner the growing organic market, Amy’s is one of a handful of privately held, family-­‐owned major organic food brands left—along with Nature’s Path, Lundberg Rice, Clif Bar, and Organic Valley.

“We love to feed people. That is our passion. We also find it very satisfying to make foods for people with special dietary needs,” says Rachel Berliner, company co-­‐founder. The 26-­‐year-­‐old company remains committed to making its delicious mac & cheese (of which there are seven different varieties), as well as over 250 other foods from scratch in its own kitchens.

In the midst of a shifting industry, Amy’s is staying true to its founding vision. Old fashioned? Maybe. Still cooking? Definitely.

About Amy's
Amy’s Kitchen was founded by Andy and Rachel Berliner in 1988. They were busy new parents with no time to cook, but they could not find delicious convenience food made with quality ingredients. They decided to start a food company to fill this need and named the company after their new daughter, Amy.

Amy’s uses certified organic ingredients sourced from organic farms located mostly near the company’s production facilities in California and Oregon. All dairy ingredients are made with pasteurized rBST hormone-­‐free milk and do not contain animal enzymes or animal rennet. No dishes contain meat, fish, shellfish, poultry, eggs or peanuts. Amy’s products are non-­‐GMO and do not contain hydrogenated fats or oils.

The company supports educational and outreach efforts for organic and sustainable agriculture and is a substantial contributor to the Redwood Empire Food Bank and COTS, a nonprofit agency that aids homeless families in Sonoma county.

Amy’s products are available nationally in supermarkets, natural foods stores and select warehouse club stores, as well as internationally. For more information, visit  Join the lively Amy’s Facebook community and follow Amy’s on Twitter @AmysKitchen.

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