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Stormy’s Bowl

Meet Lily - Rescued From Starvation, She Now Helps Alzheimer Patients

Shelter dogs often fall victim to the old stereotype: If it's been returned, there must be something wrong with it. Mixed breeds can have a tough time finding a home because potential owners are unsure of exactly what they're getting, but when the rescue pup has bull terrier in its bloodline, the stigma can be even worse.

The truth is that many rescued mutts, regardless of their breed backgrounds, go on to become incredible pets that are sources of inspiration for their families and everyone they meet. (Benji, the canine movie star, was a mutt that brought happiness to millions.) In honor of National Mutt Day, which raises awareness and encourages adoptions from shelters, and to prove you should never underestimate a puppy with a checkered past, we want to tell you Lily's story.

Alaska dog honored for leading troopers to fire

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Buddy the German shepherd was hailed Friday as a hero for guiding Alaska State Troopers through winding back roads to a fire at his owners’ workshop.

“Buddy is an untrained dog who for some reason recognized the severity of the situation and acted valiantly in getting help for his family,” Col. Audie Holloway, head of the troopers, said Friday at a ceremony for the 5-year-old dog, who stood quietly before an adoring crowd.

Stormy’s Memorial

Andy wrote and read this at Stormy's Memorial. Rachel loved it so much we wrote it out in calligraphy.

Casey James, a memory by Lee Tyler

Our dog, Casey James (Casey), was a Chesapeake Bay Retriever who died just a couple months before his 16th birthday in January 1998. The average age for this breed is ten years.

We found him when he was three months old in 1982. He was one of a large liter of Chesapeakes on my husband's mail route in Petaluma, California.

The first day we took him home he became a vegetarian, just as we were/are. He immediately loved "people food" and took to macaroni and cheese and peanut butter sandwiches, carrots, apples, raisins and watermelon. He then moved on to rice and vegetables, tofu, cheese, good quality oils, etc., still enjoying his organic peanut butter and whole grain bread. Anything we ate, he also loved. In those days vegetarian kibble was not an option (that we knew of anyway) and besides we felt whole grains and organic vegetables and fruit, tofu and cheeses, nut butters, etc., were the best for him anyway. So Casey continued his whole life to eat what we did.

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