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Stormy’s Bowl


Dear Amy,
As I sit her at work, just having finished an Amy's enchilada, I decided
to go to the website. I recently decided to give up meat for a month to see if I could do it. I'm only in my second week but have found it to be quite easy thus far.

But anyway, I saw the picture of your dog, which looked a lot like mine and as I read on, I can't believe the similarities. We got out Tilly 10 years ago, at an adoption agency just like the one you described. Tilly was rescued from the local pound.

StormyShe was 4 months old at the time of adoption. Honestly, we think she is a gift from God. She is the sweetest, most soothing, and most loyal dog I could ever imagine. No one other than our family and a few people in her fan club know this because she barks a lot, nips, and gives the evil eye to everyone outside of her family and fan club. Others are afraid of her and I don't blame them. So, she often has to wait upstairs when we have visitors and need to be very careful on walks.

She watches over us like it was her only job in life and follows us everywhere we are in the house. She helped me stay grounded while suffering from post partum depression and keeps us feeling safe in our home. 

We also came by her by accident. We already had a new greyhound who was having terrible anxiety. We thought another dog would calm him down. We never would have thought about having two dogs but we had to either give the hound up or try another dog. So, she came to live with us. She did calm the hound down and had a two dog home for many years until the hound passed. Now, Tilly is an only dog and I think she likes it. She has the cat to torment (actually be tormented by) and us to watch over. 

I heard that the oldest living dog on record was an Australian Cattle Dog and died at 29. May we both be blessed with our dogs for many more years to come.

Kim from Rochester, NY

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