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Stormy’s Bowl

What does Stormy eat?

Hello All,
I am a huge fan of Amy's products and have passed on my enthusiasm for your products to my family and coworkers. I am a vegetarian myself-now for about 20 years and read on line that the family dog, Stormy, is eating a veggie diet. I cook for my dogs every day, but it's not the diet I'd like them to have. They are eating chicken or turkey with brown rice and veggies. I would REALLY love to leave the meat out as I know it's not healthy and I feel guilty buying it. Could you please tell me what "Stormy's" diet consists of? Thanks so much!

From Patricia Vaughn


Hi Patricia:
Thanks for writing to us. Stormy eats Nature's Recipe vegetarian canned dog food and different vegetarian dog snacks. Her favorite is Mr. Barkeys. You can get them at Natural food stores like Whole Foods and at pet stores. We also feed her people food. She likes peeled broccoli stems. We call them broccoli bones! She gets veggie burgers and quesadillas when we eat them. She likes potatoes, salad, carrots and really all veggies, soup, beans and an occasional cookie. Her breath is always sweet and her fur smells like we just gave her a bath.
In fact people always say, " She looks great, you must have just bathed her", which we never do, except when she gets skunked or rolls in something rotten at the beach. 
Rachel Berliner, Stormys' owner

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