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Stormy’s Bowl

African Grey parrots

Dear Amy
I've been enjoying your soups for a while. I have two African Grey parrots, and I make a "mash" for them that contains chopped up organic fruits, veggies, grains, etc. Sometimes they get tired of it, so for a while now I've been buying your soups for my birds! I add a tablespoon or so to their mash to give it a different flavor and texture.

What does Stormy eat?

Hello All,
I am a huge fan of Amy's products and have passed on my enthusiasm for your products to my family and coworkers. I am a vegetarian myself-now for about 20 years and read on line that the family dog, Stormy, is eating a veggie diet. I cook for my dogs every day, but it's not the diet I'd like them to have. They are eating chicken or turkey with brown rice and veggies. I would REALLY love to leave the meat out as I know it's not healthy and I feel guilty buying it. Could you please tell me what "Stormy's" diet consists of? Thanks so much!

From Patricia Vaughn

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