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Stormy’s Bowl

Vegetarian Dog & Cat Food

Dear Amy,
I am the owner of Tykie's Long Life - Homemade Vegetarian dog food. Please feel free to check my website - My dog lived to be 25 years old and I have fed him my homemade food all of his life.  It's very healthy, simple and organic.  I make it dry with grains, healing herbs and veggies.  Business is good and I wish to share the fact that vegan dogs will live a very long and healthy life and have minimal health problems! 

Thank You,
Stephanie Burns, owner

Dear Amy,
I've checked and double-checked the ingredients on your lentil soup, but because my cat goes simply berserk for the stuff, I've got to ask - are you sure there's no meat or fish in there?

Really, he doesn't act that crazy even for catnip. I'm lucky he left the pattern on the bowl (yes, I let him lick it when I was done).

From Sharon H

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