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Stormy’s Bowl

Dog Bite Saves Owner

ORLANDO, Fla. A 17-pound beagle named Belle is more than man's best friend. She's a lifesaver. Belle was in Washington, D.C., on Monday to receive an award for biting onto owner Kevin Weaver's cell phone to call 911 after the diabetic Ocoee man had a seizure and collapsed.

Vegetarian Dog & Cat Food

Dear Amy,
I am the owner of Tykie's Long Life - Homemade Vegetarian dog food. Please feel free to check my website - My dog lived to be 25 years old and I have fed him my homemade food all of his life.  It's very healthy, simple and organic.  I make it dry with grains, healing herbs and veggies.  Business is good and I wish to share the fact that vegan dogs will live a very long and healthy life and have minimal health problems! 

Thank You,
Stephanie Burns, owner

STORMY, Amy’s dog Getting a Second Chance at Life…

My beloved dog, Stormy is an important part of our life. Stormy is truly a member of our family and even has her own seat on the family-room couch. However, Stormy traveled a long road before we finally found each other. Here is what happened before I met Stormy.

The Rescue:
“Please won’t you take this one too? She really is a wonderful dog,” said the woman from the animal shelter.

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