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Iron-On T-Shirt Designs

Bring your blank shirts to life by downloading and printing these great designs. Here's how to do it:

1 - DOWNLOAD - Choose one of the designs below, click and save it to your hard-drive.

01. SqueezeSqueeze

02. Flutterby

03. Zesty

04. Woof

2 - PRINT OUT! - open the PDF document on your computer using Adobe Acrobat or similar PDF reader. Insert the Transfer Paper into your printer - We reccommend using Avery T-Shirt Transfers - click here to find out more about this product. Click PRINT under the FILE Menu - there are many computers and printers in the world so we can't supply precise directions for this part of the process but if you have problems ask the computer owner for assistance. NOTE: the design will look backwards when you print it - that's because you'll be ironing it facedown!

3 - IRON ON! Following the instructions provided by Avery or the manufacturer and under supervision of a parent or guardian Iron the design onto your shirt.

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