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Famous Vegetarians

Think Vegetarianism is just a passing fad? Think again! There are hundreds of famous vegetarians of the present and the past. Here's some very interesting insights into the world of vegetarian celebrities.

Chris Walla

Chris Walla of Death Cab for CutieChris Walla is a vegetarian, but things haven't always been that way. As a teenager, he made the decision after realizing he was on the verge of eating anywhere from 2-6 hamburgers a day if he didn't change his diet quick.

These days, it's more like 2-6 servings of veggies every day and a whole lotta Amy's Kitchen Frozen Meals, which accompany him while on tour with Death Cab For Cutie.

'They are so wonderful and so easy! Pretty much everything that company (Amy's Kitchen) does is pretty great,' said Walla.

He also gives good advice for those who are not quite old enough to make their own food choices.

'It was a bit tricky as a 15-year-old living at home in a household where, you know - my mom and dad were 'meat and potatoes' Americans. Their diets consisted of a meat main dish, potatoes and gravy, and a vegetable side'that sort of thing. It's a little difficult to get through that when you're so dependent on somebody else for your food. Just know that if it's something that's important to you, there will be a point in your life when you're in control of what you eat and why you eat it.'

Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie

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