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Summer Grilling

While we love nothing better than grilling up some of Amy’s Veggie Burgers on the grill, here are some other items to add to the plate. And on a hot summer night, it is great to fire up the grill (it also has the added benefit of keeping the kitchen cool) to prepare a great meal. Did you know you could cook Amy’s pizzas on the grill? How about some veggies or even fruit?

To cook one of your favorite Amy’s pizzas on the grill, first it is a good idea to thaw it out on the counter.

Pizza on the Grill

What you need: Tin foil
Lightly coat a piece of tin foil with cooking spray and place it on the grill. The cooking spray keeps the pizza from sticking.

Over medium coals, grill the pizza crust for one to two minutes, then move the pizza to the cooler side of the grill and grill for an additional 3 minutes. If using a gas grill, cook pizza on the upper rack of the grill and cook for 6 minutes. Keep checking the pizza to prevent burning.

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