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The Best Way To Enjoy Raw Kale


Kale is a super food that has been shown to lower the chances of 6 different types of cancer. It is anti-inflammatory and is a vitamin rich anti-oxidant, high in vitamins K, A and C.

To improve the texture and soften the taste of kale, give it a massage before eating!

What you need:

  • One bunch of kale with the ribs removed (the big center part) and chopped into ribbons
  • A few pinches of fine, sea salt
  • Clean hands


  1. Add kale and sea salt to a large bowl. (use approximately 1/4 teaspoon of fine sea salt for every 2 cups of chopped kale.)
  2. Massage the salt into the kale for 2-3 minutes by simply kneading with your hands, turning, tossing the kale to break it down. (It should be reduced in size roughly by one-third when you are finished).
  3. Rinse the kale and drain water.
  4. This rubbed version is ready to use in a salad. Try the Quinoa Kale Salad on our recipe page.



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