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The Gluten-Free Diet Plan

The Amy's Kitchen Diet Plan
Many of our customers have said that once they were diagnosed with a gluten intolerance or with Celiac Disease, they feared that they would not be able to enjoy their favorite foods again. They wrote to tell us they were grateful to have some comfort food that they could eat. Some of those letters came after we released our Amy’s Diet Plan. Many asked for a gluten free version. We are happy to announce that Jill Nussinow, Sonoma County dietician, worked with us to create a Gluten Free Meal Plan. Whether you are looking to loose weight, or are looking for ways to eat healthfully and without gluten, our meal plan can help.

We offer a two-week plan where you eat Amy’s meals 2-3 times a day plus lots of fruits and veggies. It is fun and easy-to-follow and you can expect to lose two pounds a week (some lose more). There is a 1500-calorie and 1800-calorie option — both far below the average American diet of 2200-2700 calories and still tasty and satisfying!



Here’s some great letters that we recently received:

Diet PlanDear Amy,
I have been trying to lose about 30 pounds for a long time. I have tried a lot of diets. I could never stay on them without feeling weak, hungry, and deprived. I discovered Amy's foods a while back in my local co-op store and I loved them. I found the diet plan on I started four days ago on December 1, 2007. I am hypoglycemic and have clinically low blood pressure. I also have an intolerance to gluten. These organic meals and the balanced diet plan have won the approval of my Dr. and me! My body systems are balanced, I have loads of energy, I never go hungry, and the meals taste fantastic! Like gourmet meals! I do not want to stop and that has never happened to me on a diet plan. I can see myself eating this way for the rest of my life.

From L. Allen

Dear Amy,
We are so thankful for the Gluten-free, dairy-free pizza that you make. My husband and two sons cannot have gluten nor dairy. This can sometimes be a very limiting diet, but your pizza makes us feel normal! Plus it's delicious! Thanks so much!
Sara Million

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