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Amy's Staff Comments

We asked the staff to let us know what they learned about themselves or dieting in general after following the diet. Here are some of their thoughts:

• I learned about portion control, eating breakfast regularly, conscious eating habits, and to do with out drinking soda or eating meat.

• It’s not about ‘dieting’; it’s about being aware of what you are eating and portion size. I’m making a conscious life-style change regarding food and exercise.

• What I learn about the diet is to read the label in the box before I buy something. I look for low calories, low fat. I am still eating Amy’s products and I only choose the ones that have 350 or less calories. I eat them along with green salad or mix cooked vegetables.

• Something I learned is that it's ok to be a little hungry between meals. It doesn't mean I'm going to have a low blood sugar episode. :o) I really, REALLY like not having to cook.

• What I learned about myself was that I don't really need to eat so much, and most of the time I eat because the food is there, not even because I'm hungry. Now after the diet I'm going to eat healthier.

• I learned that, I can diet with out starving; eat healthy, walk at break time and live with out cows milk and tortillas.

• What I learned about myself is that I need to pay attention to the calories I put in my mouth. I also learned that my food portions need to be smaller.

• I am going to continue dieting and walking. I enjoyed doing something in common with some of my coworkers.

• What Rachel says:
It helps me stop mindless eating. Even if I have a bad food day I know I can get back on the diet and feel like I am back on track.

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