Amy’s Kitchen, Natural and Organic Foods

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Day Fourteen

No Gluten Added = No Gluten Ingredients Added

Amy’s Breakfast Burrito
Amy's Diet Plan1/2 cup fruit or juice

2 cups Amy’s Roasted Southwestern Vegetable Soup No Gluten Added
2 cups salad
1 tablespoon light dressing

Amy's Diet PlanSnack
1 small apple or other fruit

Amy's Diet PlanDinner
Amy’s Mattar Tofu No Gluten Added
1-2 cups steamed mixed veggies
1/2 teaspoon olive oil
Squeeze of lime and salt-free seasoning

1/2 cup fresh or frozen (defrosted) berries
1/2 cup plain yogurt





Need A Little More?
For an extra 300 calories: add another morning snack of 8oz milk or soy milk, + 1/2 cup fruit , 6 more crackers at lunch, + 1 ounce extra cashews at lunch.

Daily Tip
Use Stevia instead of other sugar substitutes. It is a natural, sugar-free sweetener.


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