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Dear Amy: Mailbox: Archive

I love your products. They have been a great blessing. I have a child who is allergic to soy and so many of your products don't use soy. It has been a major help. Thanks and keep up the good work!


Dear Amy's,

I have been purchasing your regular Mac & Cheese for my daughter (now 18) for many years.
Having been "gluten free" myself for the past 3 yrs, I got a wild hair, and bought myself a Rice Mac & Cheese.
What a TREAT!! That was not an food experience I have had in a long time. Tasted just like I hoped that it would!
Thanks soooo much for making such remarkedly good products!

Char Holland


I just wanted to take the time to say I love your products...I started to eat them during my battle with cancer as a way to stay healthy with out all the perservatives and chemicals in most frozen entrees. Thank you so much for the great products and helping to keep me and many other women like me, to stay healthy but yet enjoy great tasting foods. I love your buritos and pocket sandwiches the best. They went with me during long chemo days....thanks agin for your great products!


Donna Kiever

Dear Amy's Kitchen,

I just want to say thank you for labeling that there is no shellfish in the same facility as the burritos. I have a severe allergy to shellfish so trying new things makes me anxious. Seeing that on the label made me so relieved and I buy Amy's Burritos to have for my meal at work often.

I also have an allergy to nuts and a little to a few other foods, but these burritos have always been safe for me. So, thank you for being careful about your cross contamination.



Dear Amy's Kitchen,
Just got home from the gym and decided to try your Light in Sodium Lasagna  that I purchased on Saturday. It is AWESOME. I am new to your products--but for sure will be a regular customer. This is the most AMAZING frozen dinner. I was raised on home cooking and frozen prepackaged meals were not in my family--until now. I am spreading the word to everyone!! Lasagna has always been  my favorite.

From Jean Frankian

Dear Amy's Kitchen,
Just wanted to say thanks for developing another great product.  With my dairy allergy I can eat so few frozen foods, but you continue to bring out high quality, tasty foods that I can digest!  The Chocolate Cake made me very happy today and wanted you all to know you made my day.

From Wendy Pearlman

Dear Amy's Kitchen,

When my son was 4 he was diagnosed with autism and I was struck with the most difficult challenge of my life. My doctor recommended we put him on a gluten free diet. This was sooo difficult back then and was very hard to do. He couldn't eat most of the food he loves so much.  He is 10 now and when I found your products I was amazed. I thought "I hope they taste as good as they look." My son loves burritos and when he tried those burritos he was stuck for life. It was better then anything he could imagine. I want to thank you for such wonderful products and delicious food that brings a smile to my son's face. smile It makes dinner time so much easier and my life so much easier, especially with a picky eater who can't have certian things.

From Anginette Mitchell

Dear Amy's Kitchen,
I wanted to take the time to let you know you are doing a fabulous job. Your products are amazing. My daughter has autism and is a very picky eater. I know I can count on your products for her as she loves them. Again thank you, please let your employees know they are doing a wonderful job and we appreciate it.

From Jamie P

Dear Amy's Kitchen,
I'd like to say that organic foods are the best when cooking for a cancer patient.  My husband loves your food and I love the fact it's organic.

Thank you,

From Dawn Karpowicz

Dear Amy's Kitchen,
I have searched very long and hard for good gluten-free cookies, and most taste like a mouthful of rice flour.  Amy's Almond Shortbread Cookies are like a rich buttery explosion in my mouth and practically leave me on my knees begging for more!  Keep up the good work.


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